Hush! There's a Baby

Hush! There's a Baby

Mary & Joseph had a very exciting first night for their brand new baby, Jesus Christ - with a crowd of shepherds arriving, and then leaving praising God loudly (Luke 2:8-20). It left me wondering if anyone ever said "Shh! He'll wake up!!!"...

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Matthew 2v11, Luke 2v13-14, Luke 2v17-18

Hush! SHHH!! There's a baby,
Ooh! Aaah! In the manger...
Hush! Shhhh!!! Baby Jesus,
Ooo! Aaah! There's a danger...
That we're going to wake him up,
He's such Good News
we can't shut up...

We want to...
Sing! With the Angels:
Heavenly sound!
Shout! With the Shepherds:
Tell what we've found.
Worship! With the Wise Men:
Bow - right - down!
Jesus is born, and he's
such Good News...

We want to Shout and Sing and
Worship the King!
(We want to) Shout and Sing
and Worship the King!
(We want to) Shout and Sing
and Worship the King!
Jesus is born,and he's such Good News,
we want to...

David Heath-Whyte
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